Women Empowerment

a).Bead work

For sustainable livelihoods, Il Ngwesi Maasai make quality bead handicrafts and  sell them within their reach. Through VSO Jitolee,the women artisans began to receive local and international volunteers who give training on group dynamics, savings and credit accessibility, quality enhancement of the products, and more. The women still seek new local and international markets to sell their goods.

Pictured: Women doing bead work at Leparua


Il Ngwesi has a revolving fund given to them by European Union through VSO. This is used by Il Ngwesi to give women soft loans for one year which is payable after two months from when they were given. They pay little amount per month.

Some of the businesses done by these ladies are; Hide & skins, bead work, selling clothes, grocery shops, small scale farming etc.

Pictured: Displayed bead work

c).Food Security

Traditionally, Maasai community is pastoralist but due to scarcity of grass caused by drought  that has led to the death of their cattle and changing times, Il Ngwesi Maasai has embraced Agriculture as one of the ways of generating income and feeding their families. The community is partnering with the Kenya community development foundation. Some green house have been erected in the community managed by the  women groups.