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In the past, the Maasai had been known to kill Lions and other wildlife but the Maasai of Il Ngwesi has embraced the wildlife hence living in harmony with them in the area. Protecting the endangered Rhino in their Sanctuary is a show of this harmonious co-existence. The diversity of large mammals in Il Ngwesi is higher than in any other part of Kenya. Laikipia is home to the second largest population of elephant in Kenya (6,000+), hosts the highest populations of endangered species such as white Rhino (half of Kenya’s total population), Grevy’s zebra (70% of the world’s population), reticulated giraffe, as well as Africa’s only expanding population of wild dog. Other animals found here are as; Eland,Greater and Le  sser Kudus, Impalas, Deffassa Waterbuck etc.

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