The Lodge

Il Ngwesi Eco-Lodge

Our community-run lodge looks out over the vast landscape of Kenya’s Northern Frontier District – over unspoiled land where only sun & moonlight reign and only the chorus of African bush is heard both day and night.

 Il Ngwesi is a perfect getaway for a honeymoon or a romantic holiday, a family holiday, a weekend away, to relax in privacy and be active as well.  It is run and managed by the Maasai community, and 60% of the income of the lodge goes direct back to the community, unique location, very quiet and vast area to see wildlife, good cuisine, expert guides, 16 rangers.

Pictured: One of the bandas 

Il Ngwesi Lodge offers six beautiful en-suite banda rooms sleeping a maximum of 17 with an extra staff bedroom if required. The rooms are open sided to provide panoramic view.


Has a queen sized star bed and a deck overlooking the water hole.


Pictured: Emuny(Rhino)-Room 1

Room2(Oltome-Elephant) and Room 3(Orgatuny-Lion):

Are joined by swinging bridge and are ideal for families. With a waterhole view, each room has a queen sized bed and a single bed.


Pictured: Room two and three


Is secluded room with a queen sized bed and a single bed  overlooking down the Maroroi Valley.


Pictured: Room four

Room5(Ormara-Giraffe) and Room6(Olaro-Buffallo):

Are both closer to the infinity pool and overlooking the Maroroi Valley. Room 5 has a star bed, single bed and outdoor decking while Room6 has a queen sized bed and a single bed.


Luxury and Comfort

The bandas offer unforgettable view of the vast surrounding landscape and incomparable  comfort, while relaxing at the horizon pool, guests watch wildlife come to drink at a popular water spring.

Our guests get a real taste of the African wilderness while enjoying luxury and our superb service.

Preserving the Environment

The solar-powered eco-lodge has been built by the local community using local materials, and directly benefits the Laipikiak Maasai who live in harmony with this precious land.