Friends and Supporters

Thank You! To all that have and do support us, none of this would have been possible without strong partnerships with like-minded organisations and individuals who have supported both financially and by training staff, and  ensuring the security and safety of visitors and community.  In particular, we would like to recognise the following:

Our Partners & Donors: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Northern Rangelands Trust, Tusk Trust, Lewa UK, Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF), The Maasai Association, Ford Foundation, USAID, World Bank, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Liz Ortenberg Foundation-USA, Borana Ranch, Tassia Community, Liz Clayborne Foundation-USA, Kansas City Zoo-USA, European Union Tourism Trust Fund (TTF), Reid Park Zoo-USA, CDTF, Safaricom Foundation, John Paterson (ICA Canada), Ecotourism Kenya, Family Health International, African Wildlife Foundation, African Conservation Centre, VSO Jitolee, Lets Go Travel, Bush and Beyond, Ultimate Travel, Journeys by Design, RAW Africa, Mary Ann and Ralph Stroup (Kenyan Health Care Initiatives, Inc), Anne Bent, David Cuddy.

Friends and Supporters: Hon Francis Ole Kaparo, Nigel Winser & family, Penny Grosjean, Alex Rhodes, Ian Craig, Ian Swingland, Will Jones, Nick Van Gruisen, Jane Willat , Markhoff Michael, Peter Dyer, Michael Dyer, Dr Gladwin,  Richard Gladwin, Mrs. Barton, and all our valued guests.

Photography: Fotohouse Nairobi (lodge, staff, manyatta); Bobby-Jo Clow (rhinos, rangers); Sarah Blumire (elephants, women beading)

Video: Denise Miller and Sean Koenig of Changestream Media